Saturday, April 12, 2008

Desperate housewives :) :) :), Pesach edition

. . . not to mention desperate husbands and/or starving children--"Mommy, there's nothing left to eat!"--in the midst of a cleaning and shopping frenzy that involves the whole household (with any luck).

Reformulate the description, as necessary. Singles get the dubious privilege of doing all the work by themselves, and likewise the widowed and divorced, especially if there are no children (still) living at home to pitch in.

Long before he was ordained, Rabbi Michael Strassfeld once said that, with all the preparation that preceeds Pesach (Passover), by the time we get to the Seder, we have some idea of what it felt like to be slaves in Egypt. Yeah, well, right now, we're still in the "sighing because of our bondage" stage. Oy.

In case I don't get around to posting again before Pesach, I wish all of you a Pesach Kasher v'Saméach, a Kosher and Happy Passover.


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